Hand Massage and Shoulder Massage proves to the best solution for discomfort, pains, aches and tension found in the upper part of the body. Shoulders are among the parts of the body wherein muscular tensions accumulate.

One of the good things about this massage is that helps in loosening the muscles and allowing the body to unwind. Eliminate the stiffness of your muscle and promote a deeper and better relaxation throughout the massage session.

Just as the hands and shoulders are used the entire day, they usually receive a lot of pain and tension. Good news, hand massage and shoulder massage proves to be helpful in relieving the pain and giving you comfort from the excessive use of the hands and arms. The hand massage and shoulder massage is usually done within five to ten minutes. This will further give relief all over the body.

Benefits of Hand Massage and Shoulder Massage

The best thing about the hand massage and shoulder massage is that it relieves pain coming from the hands and shoulders. Other issues such as arthritis and poor blood circulation are also eliminated. Certain effects will be passed to the chest by means of a reflex action. In this massage technique, expect to reduce any pressure in the shoulder and head brought by circulatory and nervous effects.

Another benefit from hand massage, shoulder massage is that it makes you even stronger and more beautiful. This is the reason why many are trying out this massage for its many varied health benefits. With the use of the most essential oils for this massage, these all help remove tensions and knots in muscles.

If you want to ease the ache and pain all over your body, you will surely recover from it. You will certainly achieve it by means of this massage form. All those tensions you have for the entire day will also be relieved. What more to ask for? Your mind will be relaxed and at ease all the time. This is something that you would want to get right after you go through this massage.

With the tangible benefits to get from a hand massage, shoulder massage, those body parts will be encouraged to heal completely. Even hand massages were used before the Egyptian and Chinese times. The hands are often the noticeable parts of the body.

During the massage session, endorphins are further released into the body’s system. This helps in balancing the body and reducing the stress levels. This massage feels wonderful and works like a healing magic of

  • Keeping the Joints Mobile
  • Increasing the Circulation from the hands to the Shoulders
  • Rejuvenating the Skin
  • Toning the Muscles in the Shoulders and Hands
  • Preventing the Condition like Repetitive Strain Injury
  • Increasing Flexibility and Reducing Stiffness

With the newest technology that is present today, it proved to be a new source of discomfort and pain in your hands and shoulders. If you are using your hand and shoulders all day, then you experience pain and tension. You can further experience relief and comfort from this massage. Our massage therapist from Luana Therapy will be there to give you the best therapy massage.