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Once your bundle of joy came out in the world, it will surely bring new challenges, experiences and happiness. Bonding with the newly born child offers great rewards for both parents. This is a unique means or ways on how you can able to offer your baby the love they need. For babies, affection and touch is very important for their overall health. Baby massage is one of the best types of massage that one can offer to babies.

This type of  massage offers tons of advantages such as improved growth, better digestion and enhanced sleeping habits. Many researchers have made certain results that have shown great benefits to the health of the infant. It is not just the magic of touch that baby massage it offers but also the proven scientific effects that it offers.

Benefits of Baby Massage:-

  • Enhances Blood Circulation – With the right technique, offers an incredible chance for the infant to have a better and healthier organs system.
  • Relieve Stomach Discomfort – It is common to experience stomach discomfort such like constipation, gas and colic. They will surely acquire the comfort that they need.
  • Better Digestion – Better digestion for them to be able to absorb the nutrients and vitamins from the food that they are eating.
  • Enhance the Nervous System – Babies will be able to have a better nervous system development to promote better health in the future.
  • Reduces the Stress Hormones – It is very hard to pacify them especially if they are very stressed, since they still can’t talk they will just show it via crying and tantrums. Giving them a good massage can certainly help to relieve their stress hormones.
  • Increases Alertness – It helps to enhance infants’ mental and motor abilities.
  • Enhance Immune Function – This is very important for infants to fight against infection or viruses.

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