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Pregnancy is a beautiful process that leads to the creation of a new life, but it takes a toll on a woman’s fitness, health, and look. Many women eventually overcome these problems through postnatal massage, but some never get back in shape; as the baby grows in the uterus, the belly’s skin grows with it to accommodate the extra size and weight and becomes an uncomfortable and unattractive belly after birth. Smart mothers will tell you that there is a simple, safe, and effective solution to this problem with Bengkung Wrap.

What is Bengkung Wrap?

Postpartum belly binding, popularly known here as bengkung wrap, is the act of wrapping the belly in fabric or cloth binder to counter the negative effects of pregnancy on the abdominal region. The binding is done using fabric of different materials that include silk, cotton, and muslin. The wrapping not only helps to shrink the extra skin and fat, but also to improve the abdomen’s health by improving factors such as back support. Here is a look at these and other reasons that make it absolutely necessary to try out this wrapping method.

Pelvic and Lower Back Support

Pregnancy triggers the release of relaxing, which is a hormone that enables the body to become more flexible to accommodate the extra pressure. This hormone becomes useful for some time after pregnancy as it can be used to model the abdomen to its initial shape and look. The wrappings put pressure on certain parts of the pelvic and lower back giving them the ideal shape necessary for good support. The benefits are both short-term and long-term. To start with, the firm wrappings provide support for the lower back and pelvic for the time they are worn. Additionally, the systemic binding eventually models these regions to their earlier shape, and this provides support in the long-term.

Good Looks

This is usually one of the main concerns for many mothers. The loose belly skin that results from pregnancy and delivery is difficult to get rid of. However, bengkung wrapping tucks the belly away and makes it look slim. In the long-term, the fat and skin shrinks when it lacks anywhere to hand, and this restores the body to its initial attractive look.


Looks are so important to some women that they risk invasive procedures that may be unsafe to overcome the negative effects of pregnancy. Bengkung, however, has no side effects as it is a traditional method that is non-invasive.

Let the Experts Do It

Bengkung wrapping may sound simple, but it is a form of art that requires knowledge and experience to perform. At Luana Therapy, we are all about postnatal health and fitness. We offer services such as postnatal massage services to relieve our customers of their discomforts. By adding the bengkung wrapping, we know just how to assess our customers’ specific problems and shape the bindings to solve these particular problems. There will be two different type of binders we use which for normal delivery and mother who went for caeserian. Our services are of the best quality and affordable. Contact us at any time to book a postnatal massage and we will meet you right at home.

Cloth Binder Use For Normal Delivery Clothbinder
Cloth Binder Use For Caesarian Delivery Bengkung_Wrap_CSec

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