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boreh wrapThere are lots of ways to relax whenever you feel stressed, pressured and you feel helpless. But when you hear the word “relax”, spa always comes into your mind, but Luana Therapy can also give you the spa environment just in the comfort of your home. If you want heat body treatment, Boreh wrap is definitely the best for you.

What is Boreh Wrap?

Boreh, is an ancient way of healing your body through the use of different herbs, roots, and spices. This kind of treatment starts from the rice farmers of Balinese. The spices are naturally found in Asia. Balinese first started this kind of treatment; mothers usually do this when their children are sick or have fever and flu.

The wrap is applied in the entire body to equally ease your body pain. Paste releases heat, then it comes inside and absorbs it in your body. This is called heat treatment or heat therapy; it combines with the exotic spice. This treatment always come along with a massage. With the unique way of performing this massage you will be relaxed and refresh.


  • It can help in the circulation of your blood.
  • It can reduce the tense muscles.
  • It can treat skin allergies or skin diseases.
  • It can make your skin smoother and can remove your entire dead skin cell.
  • It can dispose your toxics in your body.
  • It can regenerate you damage skin cell and reveal you healthy glowing skin that can make you look younger.
  • Spices release heat that your body can absorb, by this your muscular/body pain will be mend.
  • It releases the symptoms for colds and flu.
  • Boreh wrap can also heal headaches, hypertension and rheumatic pain.
  • It can also detoxify your body.

It is an effective way to relax, think and make yourself feel and look good. If you want to experience the boreh wrap with body massage or post natal massage, you can have it at Luana Therapy. Once you’ve experience it, you can tell how marvelous it is to have this treatment.


We perform boreh wrap service with an add on from any type of massage that you book. Unfortunately, there is no single session for boreh wrap only. You just need to top up another $40 to enjoy this service.

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