Ear Candling Singapore

These days as the hospital bills are on the rise, people are looking for alternative means on how they can save. One of the alternatives that is becoming more popular is the ear candling. It was used in the past for spiritual purification and healing. It is now, however, being selected to address minor illnesses that involves the sinuses, the ears and the respiratory systems. Some of the known benefits is to cure irritation of the earn infection, jaw pain, swimmer’s ear, ringing in the ears, nervousness, frequent headaches, stress related symptoms, slight dizziness, ear wax accumulation.

It is simple, non-invasive and safe natural way to cleanse the system. It primarily uses a long hollow candles that is used in order to extract the earwax as well as debris coming from ear canal. It is also believed to help in enhancing the balance fluids and mental clarity that might cause headaches and others.

Luana Therapy offers trained and professional ear candling service that will for sure give you the best experience of all.

Benefits of Ear Candling

  • Get relief from swimmers ear
  • Enhance sense of smell
  • Alleviate ear pain
  • Emotional state balancing
  • Prevent ringing in the ears
  • Relieve dizziness
  • Clearer thinking
  • Enhance lymphatic fluid flow


Unfortunately we do not have a single session for ear candling. But, book a normal massage session and you can top up additional $30 to enjoy the ear candling session.

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