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When it comes to Ginger Wrap, the ginger plant has long history of domestic cultivation and it is thought to have originated in China and then to India, Caribbean, West Africa and Southeast Asia. According to some researches, ginger is usually utilized as a cooking spice in South-East Asian and Chinese culinary. Apart from this ginger is a pungent food that usually promotes energy circulation and it can increase your metabolic rate.

In the medical word, ginger has been a vital component used in Asian and Chinese medicine for both external and internal use for almost years. In addition to this, ginger is most commonly known for its effectiveness as a digestive aid. Ginger has the ability to relieve stomach cramping, diarrhea and indigestion. Aside from this, it is also known to increase your vital energy and at the same time balance your internal ‘chi’. In terms of wellness realm, ginger has been used to effectively stimulate the circulation of blood and eliminate toxins within the body. It also cleanses the kidneys and bowels as well as nourishes your skin.

Today, you can find treatments in a massage menu not only in a spa, there is available for home massage that specializes in Balinese or Javanese massage. It is believed that ginger has the ability to relieve aching muscle and it can detox your body. As a matter of fact, this treatment is also a famous traditional post-natal treatment for women who had just given birth. It helps to reduce the body from being bloated and it clears toxins from your body system.

Benefits of Ginger Wrap Massage

The sweet aroma from this treatment will help your mind to relax, de-stress and it can rejuvenate your body. There is no wonder that Ginger Wrap have been very popular with spa goers in the past few years. The aid of the heat in the steam room, the hydrating and detoxifying process of your body under the effect of this treatment will be enhanced. Furthermore, the stimulating effects of this wrap were an awakening experience to your skin.

It helps reduce wind from your body and it can burn fats. After your wrapping session, you will feel much refreshed and lighter. Most people who already tried this wrapping treatment are all satisfied and happy with the benefits that this type of massage has to offer. For those individuals who are into weight loss and detoxification, this wrap treatment is the ultimate choice to try. In the present time, Luana Therapy can provide you professional treatment by our experienced certified therapists.


We do not provide a single session for ginger wrap but we do provide when you have already booked a massage session with us. You just need to top up additional $40 to enjoy this service.

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