Lulur Treatment Singapore

What is Lulur Treatment

People, especially women want to feel good, confident and beautiful. They try to look for ways that would enhance their beauty. Traditionally, it is for the royal family only. But now, this traditional ritual is done for all the bride-to-be.

It is a Javanese word which means “to coat the skin”. This beauty treatment is traditionally given to young Indonesian women who is about to get married. It is a forty days beauty treatment to make the bride-to-be beautiful and confident on her wedding day. Oftentimes, Lulur is called as “The Queen of body treatment.” It is the most pampering and most enjoyable kind of body treatment that you would ever experience. This treatment is also being offered to any person who wants to experience the unique way/touch of Javanese massage. Javanese massage is performed upon deep pressure, they manage to breakdown those knotted and tensely muscles and to the mind, soul and body.


  • It can medicate skin diseases, itchiness, wounds, ulcers, ad rheumatism.
  • It can exfoliate and regenerate your skin so that it will be smooth and healthy looking.
  • It can nourish your skin and remove your dead skin cell.
  • It also helps in maintaining your proper blood circulation.
  • Using this treatment it can also drain your stagnant fluids in your body, resulting in disposal of your toxins.

How It Works

First is Relaxing aromatic massage

Putting the lulur paste all over your body, followed by an overall body massage is one of the best parts of this treatment. The unique way of massaging your body, deep pressure that can make you feel so relax, you will even fall in to a deep sleep.

Then, Exfoliating body scrub

This is the part where your dead skin cell is peeled off. It is your dead skin cell that makes you look dull. After it is removed, you will notice that your skin glow. It makes you look younger, fresher and more beautiful. Exfoliating your skin means you are nourishing it, it is somehow moisturizing your skin.

Finally, fragrant floral bath

After doing the first and second step the last part of this treatment is the floral bath. Jasmine flower are used for it has a very pleasing smell that can make you feel special and fresh. It’s long lasting scent is one of the major components of lulur.

If you want to experience lulur treatment, check out our attractive price by our friendly experienced malay therapist at your comfort home.


We do not provide an ala carte session for lulur treatment. You just need to top up additional $40 with a normal massage when you make booking.

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