Mood Disorders Society of Canada revealed that almost 3 million Canadians are suffering from serious depression, but just less than 1/3 of them seek outside assistance for it.

World Health Organization revealed that depression accounts for 79% of the whole psychiatric diagnosis. WHO also predicts that by year 2020, major depression will be next to heart disease as the leading cause of death all over the world.

In order to assist patients fight with depression, alternative therapists and holistic doctors have been researching diverse healing methods and one such approach is massage therapy.

Massage therapy is renowned as one of the ancient types of treating depression. Massage therapy was replaced by pharmacology and technology in year 1940s. Before this, massage was used in psychiatric hospitals.

At this point in time, while massage appears to become popular, it still remains as an alternative type of therapy in spite of its long background as an intuitive and simple solution to a lot of human ailments.

There are lots of kinds of massage therapies on offer nowadays. Some even date back many decades and are based on old scientific knowledge. Some of the most common types of massage therapies ideal for depression sufferers include:

Swedish Massage Therapy:

This focuses on superficial muscle layers with strokes that generate friction, vibration and compression. It not just stimulates smooth blood circulation and assists in ridding the system of toxins, but it is also believed to enhance metabolism and offer relief to muscular tension.

Thai Massage Therapy:

When you find of stretches and compression then this massage is the ideal for you. This kind of therapy is quite strenuous and functions on body pressure points. The idea behind this is that there are many lines in the body which your energy flows. All illnesses are believed to occur if there are blockages in lines. This massage determines blocked line and helps in ailment recover.


It is all about being encircled by essential oils. Aromatherapy used essential oils to provide mild massage and rouse the olfactory gland. This assists in triggering your senses and provides you with a happy and peaceful mood. This helps ease body pressures and stress related illness like pain, aches, insomnia and HBP.

Stone Therapy:

Stone therapy includes the usage of stones that are usually cold sedimentary stones and warm basalt ones. The hot stone work on body rigidity by means of stimulating the circulatory system at the same cold stones are utilized as an assistance in cases of swelling. This leads to relaxation as well as rejuvenation.

Ayurvedic Massage Therapy:

Nowadays, there are lots people who vow by the enchantment of an ayurvedic massage therapy. This therapy targets pressure points known as marma points. The main idea of any ayurvedic massage lies in the reality that you body is administered by kapha, vata and pitta and any disparity in these three cause disorders.

Besides rejuvenating and tacking depression and stress, these massage therapies also strengthen the body as well as your immune system. No wonder a lot of people today go to a massage parlor to relax and find comfort.

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