Jamu massage began its existence in the central island of Java as a kind of treatment intended for royal family. It immediately merges some traditional medical habits and practices of the Europeans, Chinese and even Indians into a unique type of therapy that is no less calming compared to verdant lush surroundings.

The term “Jamu” meaning “herbal remedies” is not only a type of massage therapy but a complete and effective herbal healing methodology. It primarily combines medicinal herbs such as aromatherapy, postnatal, acupressure and even massage therapy in one. This unique form of therapy utilizes rolling motions, long strokes as well as fast drumming actions and movements towards increasing the circulation of the blood and stimulation of the body. It also utilizes huge numbers of herbal oils to energize and refresh the body. It is also essential in curing wide variety of diseases and ailments.


It is a soothing, energizing and rich experience. The process begins from the moment you walk into the chamber of the therapist where you are initially greeted with myriad smells of varied types of massage oils associated with sounds of tribal music played. Then, you will be asked to lie down on the massage table or bed.  The first step in this therapy is primarily consists of dry massage with the use of compression techniques. Every massage session follows a well organized and defined sequence with series of compression followed by skin rolling and thumb walking.

When the dry massage is already over, you would be asked to select your favorite oil that will be used for the massage therapy. The warm and gently oil you have chosen will be applied all over your body in long strokes. This soothing type of massage can elevate your body towards higher relaxation state. It can also help you in dissolving away those pains and tensions inflicted in your life. Knowing that the patient is already relaxed, the therapist will now apply for series of percussive type of massage strokes in the entire body. These percussive strokes can help in stimulating blood circulation in the body. It also aids in revitalizing your mind and body. It is completed with the use of wringing strokes that are primarily designed to ease out all the stress that remains in your life.

Other Essential Benefits

This massage upholds huge numbers of benefits that you cannot obtain from other massage therapies. This includes increasing your blood circulation and de-stressing especially for post natal massage. It is also a massage therapy that can give you higher relaxation state and heightened peace sense. Apart from that it also energizes the mind and body. But, one of the biggest benefits is that you don’t need to belong to royalty just to experience this unique form of therapy that was exclusively designed for the queens and kings of Bali in the previous years. You can already undergo such kind of massage therapy anytime you wanted as this is already spreading all over the world.

With the huge numbers of benefits, it is not surprising to know that more and more people are really interested to undergo such kind of therapy since they are assured that health and safe benefits will be obtained.

Check with our experienced therapist for the techniques of jamu massge when you are having the post natal massage session.