It cannot be denied that there are many moms who worry about their bodies after giving birth. There are times when they would often feel aches in different parts of their body especially with their breasts. Most of the time, they would end up having troubles with their swollen breasts and find it difficult to give their baby enough milk just because they feel pain with the slightest touch on their breasts. This is the time when most moms would get regular post natal breast massage that could help them produce enough milk and prevent swelling from happening.

This particular feeling or condition is called as breast engorgement where they would feel as if their breasts are going to explode at any given time. There are many new mothers who experience this problem and are worried of how they can actually ease the pain.

What Causes Breast Engorgement

Breast engorgement is the reaction felt by moms when their milk duct is clogged. You may feel a tender lump just beneath your areola and may even cause redness from the areola that may extend to the wall of your chest. Once you give birth, your breasts will start producing milk and the common reason why you might feel that your breast is getting tender and is aching is when the milk produced is not released.

Your breasts will usually be in its full production mode for milk and when it is not released, it may lead you to feeling really uncomfortable with your breasts. This problem may start for the first few weeks especially since your breasts’ ability to produce milk may not match the hunger that your baby may feel. To reduce the pain, you need to undergo regular breast massage to remove the clog from the milk duct and prevent it from coming back.

Benefits of Breast Massage

When you get this treatment, the masseur may require you to go on a regular schedule to prevent the same problem from coming back. There are many benefits that this massage can offer, such benefits are the following:

  • It helps in making the milk flow continuously. This helps in preventing any blockage from forming on the milk ducts and give your baby enough milk.
  • Massage helps in unblocking the ducts and preventing it from getting blocked. You may be required to get this type of massage in a regular basis for you to experience the effects continuously.
  • Keeping your body free from any medications. Instead of taking pain relievers and leaving it to any other medications, massage helps your body in working normally. This is also a helpful way in preventing your baby from ingesting the extracts of any medications you take even if you have taken it a certain period after the previous feeding.

There are many benefits that breast massage can offer especially for moms who have recently gave birth. It is a common massage for moms who have given birth a few weeks and are still adjusting to their baby’s feeding time. Make sure that when you get this kind of massage, Luana Therapy is providing post natal massage and breast massage is well taken care of by our professional therapists.