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In the recent year, businesses are now appreciating the amazing benefits of Corporate Massage since it is now possible to get it done right there in the office. This massage has become the buzzword and most companies are ensuring that they have a room for the corporate chair massage. Employers appreciate the fact that the workloads of their employees go through increase stress levels which has a negative impact of their productivity and health. Massage session has been included in the daily program of huge numbers of offices as an incentive and asset that increases the wellness of their employees.

Benefits of Corporate Massage

  • Improved Morale and Productivity – In the present time, companies provide incentive to their employees and the results are reflected on workers who work effectively and post positive results for the effectiveness of the company.
  • Relieve Fatigue and Stress – Aside from being an energizing incentive, massage relaxes your muscles and it can also soothe your spirits. Most employee prefer to perform their massage session during their coffee breaks.
  • Increases alertness – It relaxes your mind and body as well as your thinking process. It can also improve your oxygen and nutrient supply to the brain. The result of this is an increase in alertness which is reflected in excellent performance.
  • Improved Sharpness of the brain power and senses – Studies have shown that employees who undergone massage session are able to finish their tough assignments faster and with low level of errors than those worker who don’t perform the massage.
  • Emotional Health – It is a fact that this massage has the ability to elevate the emotional health of a person. It can also reduce the harmful effects that are related to anxiety and stress. The calmness of body and mind can reduce muscle spasms and cramps, reduce blood pressure, improved circulation, reduce tension headaches, backaches and body pains.

How It works?

Corporate massage is performed in your office and it consists of sessions that last between 10-20 minutes or 30 minutes. In addition to this, it focuses on areas such as shoulders, arms, neck and back. Moreover, appointments for massage session are organized in ahead of time drawing up a schedule that will not disrupt the normal running business of the company. Workers need to register in a pre-arranged program and they can take 1-2 session according to individual requirements.

Employees are also reminded ahead of time when their massage session is about to come so they can be prepared. The company pays for the massage service as an incentive to their employees who double their efforts at work leading to improved productivity. Today, there are lots of companies that pay for massage service and this is one of the reasons why it becomes very popular to employees and employers. If you want to gather more details and information about corporate massage, Luana Therapy is the only one stop massage company that you are looking for.

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  • Option. If you can provide the specific headcount and we can provide the quotes more accurately.
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  • Our massage is approx. 5-10 mins per person for neck, hand and should massage.

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