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Javanese Massage is considered to be one of the earliest Indonesian massages that is not just popular, but is proudly loved by many people because of its many varied benefits. It is also known as Malay Massage in local terms. This has dated back thousands of years ago and has also originated from Central Java. This ancient form of therapy was passed down from one generation to the next generation.

This firmly uses firm and deep thumb pressure wherein a slight aching sensation is felt. This massage is proven to be useful in releasing and targeting tensions all over the body. Back pains are best alleviated with this form of massage. However, this form of massage requires the complete assistance of a masseuse.

Known to be one of the conventional forms of massage, this is even proven to be rougher as compared to the Balinese massage. This mainly requires the use of the whole hand and the knuckles that help in kneading the muscles. This may prove to be a little painful because it targets and treats the affected area.

Javanese Massage and its Benefits

Through the vigorous massage, people who normally suffer from muscle pains in the neck and lower back area benefit most from it. This massage therapy also eases stiffness, muscle tension. The good thing about this massage is that it helps in healing all those fractures found in the body.

Even those people who have hypertension and fibromyalgia also benefit from this form of massage. The palm strokes and thumb pressure are also valuable in improving the lymphatic system. This thereby allows the proper circulation of the energy and blood.

Apart from it, the nerves and the mind are left completely relaxed and stimulated. The body is also completely rejuvenated leaving you all relaxed, stress-free and worry-free as well. One more thing about this massage therapy is that it helps promote better sleep and aids in the prevention of depression.

The surprising thing about this massage is that it works well when combined with the hot stone massage. The World Health Organization also endorsed this form of massage that is proven to be one of the essential ways of easing and alleviating the discomfort in the body.

Mothers will also benefit more from this massage if they only have limited time in taking good care of their body. Women will be helped prior to getting the utmost benefits from the massage. This is right after they delivered their babies.

It helps reduce swelling and post surgery adhesion. This also helps improve the blood circulation that causes nutrients and oxygen in reaching the essential organs of the body. Apart from it, excess body fluids are drained completely. This will normally leads to stress and tension relief. Thus, expect that new mothers will consider it to be a refreshing and revitalizing experience.

There is truly a need to correct the body posture of a mother and it proves to be helpful in this case. It further reduces lower back pain and enhances body posture. Expect that even your overused muscles will be softened and relaxed completely. Their bodies will be reshaped and overstretched skins will be compressed back into their original shape. Mothers are most assured of a reshaped body throughout the pregnancy stage.


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