Many people consider massage therapy whenever they feel like that they can no longer take the stress they are experiencing. But this form of therapy’s benefit is not only limited to relieving stress. It comes with a range of benefits, and helping in pain management is just among these.

Pain Management and Massage Therapy

Over the years, many researches have already been conducted concerning massage therapy’s effectiveness in pain management and providing relief. In the conducted multitude of research, many showed that it is an effective means of helping with pain management. This is the main reason why experienced massage therapists and physicians are encouraging the pain specialists to also consider the incorporation of such therapy into their programs for pain management. Even the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations suggested that massage therapy can be used in pain management.

Many findings were also seen over the years concerning this form of therapy’s value for pain relief. The first one of these findings is the one shown on the Archives of Internal Medicines. Cherkin along with the rest stated that massage is valuable in providing long-lasting relief for chronic low back pain sufferers. In a data collected about 10 years ago, it indicated that massage is helpful in promoting relaxation. It also helps in alleviating the sensitivity of anxiety and pain among cancer patients who are hospitalized. The basis for these findings was further supported by recent studies. Therapeutic massage can truly help in reducing the intensity of pain felt by cancer patients.

Massage therapy is also beneficial in decreasing the occurrence of chronic tension headaches as what was stated in a research conducted by Quinn, which was published in the American Journal of Public Health October 2002 issue.

A pilot study conducted in 2002 by Gregory P. Fontata, MD showed that massage has the capability to reduce muscle spasms and pain in patients who had multiple incisions. A survey was also made to see the effectiveness of said findings. The survey showed that 95% of the patients considered that the therapy was a vital part of their experience. The use of medication also dropped on days when they get a massage.

A Complementary & Integrative Medicine Therapies Frequently Prescribed by Physicians

Massage therapy is one of the therapies that are being prescribed by physicians frequently to patients. Apart from being frequently prescribed, such therapy was also noted as the most beneficial as well as least likely harmful therapy that an individual experiencing pain may get. Aside from being documented as an effective tool in managing pain, the research also showed that it is the most likely method that produces less adverse reactions.

One real-life proof that can be provided concerning the effectiveness of therapeutic massage is the study conducted at Mayo Clinic and its result which led them to hire a massage therapist. In the study, Mayo Clinic’s cardiac surgery patients receive 1 to 3 massage therapy sessions for 20 minutes post operation. The result of which was what made them decide to provide massage to their cardiac surgery patients. Later results included fewer medications were needed, which also means less risk in occurrence of adverse effects. Hence, it is truly worth to consider getting a therapeutic massage if you are also suffering from pain, regardless of its cause.