It is normal for joints to tighten as a person age. As this happens, the more an individual’s range of motion becomes limited until it is completely lost. One reason why this happens, why a person becomes less flexible as they age is the changes taking place in the connective tissues. These changes are led by the gradual fluid loss and dehydration happening in the body, which significantly affects a person’s flexibility and range of motion.

But, the increasing age is not the only reason why a person experiences less flexibility and limited range of motion. These can also be led by muscle injuries, which is said to be more recurrent now compared before. Experts say that this is not due to exercising harder, but is more likely because people are now more sedentary. The aging factor is just an added contributor to these effects, which in result further restricts people’s range of motion and flexibility.

The Role of Massage Therapy in Terms of Maintaining & Improving these Two

So, it has been stated that therapeutic massage is advantageous in the maintenance and improved flexibility and range of motion. But how can this form of therapy enables such results? Massage enables these by working on the muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments and connective tissues. When received regularly, it helps in keeping the joints become more fluid. As a result, it also lessens the risk of injury.

Massage also enables these two by improving the circulation in the body. It nourishes the cells, relieves your tight and knotted muscles, releases nerve compression, reduces adhesions and improves waste eradication. In the end, you not only benefit from improved flexibility and range of motion. You also benefit from physical relaxation, which further enhances your vitality and energy.

Massage is just like daily stretching, it relaxes the stressed muscles while stimulating blood flow and improving flexibility. These two, massage and stretching is already beneficial in each way. But when combined, the more of its value is increased. This combination is also a vital aspect that any person who is physically active must incorporate into their workout routine.

Once these two are combined into your fitness routine, you will benefit from reduced soreness, an effect one experiences after working out. In this case, stretching may help in allowing greater range of motion when exercising. It also allows you to enjoy longer workout periods. As for receiving a post-workout massage, it effectively aids you in the recovery as well as relaxation process.

Who May Benefit from a Therapeutic Massage in Relation to these Two Benefits?

There are a range of people who may benefit from a therapeutic massage. Among these people are coaches, athletes, power lifters and those who are just starting to take the road going to a more active lifestyle. People who receive massage regularly can significantly benefit from these two. With increased range of movement, the more these individuals athletic performance may also be enhanced. Apart from that, these individuals will also benefit from less incidence or injuries, leaving their body more flexible.