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Prenatal Massage Singapore

Pregnancy is a joyful journey with the anticipation of the arrival of your little ones. However, pregnancy can also cause anxiety and depression due to the fluctuations of hormones, back pain, legs cramp, and serious water retention.

Prenatal massage is system meant to take some strain off the joints and muscles, improve blood circulation and bring energy. Anyone who has ever had a massage would agree that the body and the mind often feel much better after the massage. According to studies, massage can reduce stress and increase blood flow which is very important during pregnancy. This can help keep the lymphatic system working well leading to good health. It’s also advisable to reconnect the body with the mind especially for the mothers who sometimes think that an alien has taken over their bodies.

This massage is an effective therapeutic approach to ensure overall pregnancy wellness and reducing stress. Luana Therapy provides trained and professional masseuses who know the proper positioning to prevent further strain and alleviating the pressure on customer’ body while applying the massage techniques. This helps to reduce existing and avoid the potential discomfort of customers during pregnancy.

When a woman is pregnant, regular prenatal massage may not only help her relax the body but is also essential in reducing insomnia, back pain, muscle cramp, and leg pain. In addition, it can reduce the swelling of the feet and the legs as long as the swelling is not a result of some infection. Normally, prenatal massage can relieve a mother of all the common pregnancy problems. This special massage may also reduce depression without the use of nay medication at all.

Benefits of prenatal massage

  • It enhances the circulation of blood – Prenatal massage improves blood circulation in the body that, therefore, provides more oxygen for the mother and the baby. This increased stimulation also helps the lymphatic system especially when it’s getting rid of the toxins in the body.
  • Increase the blood flow to the heart, placenta and the uterus – During pregnancy, the blood volume of the mother may increase even up to 60% as compared to when the mother is not pregnant. As the mothers progress further with the pregnancy, the uterus enlarges putting a lot of pressure on the pelvis. This might interfere with the normal flow of blood.
  • Calms the nervous system – Through the stimulation of the nervous system prenatal massage can help calm both the mother and the baby such that they may not be able to feel anxious especially during pregnancy. This is enhanced through the release of hormone endorphins. When the mother is in a parasympathetic mode, she is able to sleep better since the digestion system is also enhanced. Moreover, they no longer release stress hormones making the immune system work at its peak. A peaceful and a calm mother means peaceful and calm baby.
  • Alleviates stress- As the baby is getting bigger, he/she tends to exert a lot of stress on the hip area of the body, shoulders, legs, feet and chest. This is why this special massage is important to alleviate stress especially in these of the body so that the mother does not feel any body pain.
  • Stabilizes the hormones- During pregnancy, there is an increase in hormone circulation. This can cause the mood of the mother to fluctuate. Massage is, therefore, important to stabilize the mood of the mother so as to bring back the hormones back to normal this is very good in reducing anxiety and stress.
  • Improves good posture- As the baby grows within the body of the mother, the posture is normally affected a great deal. The extra weight brought about by the baby lead to too much tension on the weight of the mother. Through prenatal massage, the flexibility and muscle tone of the mother are greatly improved. This, therefore, gives them the energy to carry the load brought about by pregnancy.
  • Relieve various discomforts such as stiff neck, backaches, headaches and leg cramps – Massage encourages the blood flow throughout the afflicted areas
  • Relieve muscle tension and swelling of joints from extra weight carried – Massage improves the flow of the lymphatic fluid and oxygen which helps in eliminating the metabolic wastes and toxins.

What you should know about the massage during pregnancy

Prenatal message can include anything from the Swedish light massage to the simple massage. Our massage therapists are always trained and qualified to carry out the work. They also able to apply the knowledge and advise you what is safe for both the mother and the baby to prevent any unpleasant incident happen.

As the pregnancy progress, positioning of the mother changes. For instance, after 22 weeks, it’s not safe for the mother to lie on back as this might lead to complications. Also, there are certain areas in the body of the mother that should be avoided during the massage. An example of such area is the space between the ankle bone and the heel. It’s believed that exerting a lot of pressure on this area might lead to early labor. A normal massage session should take between 60 to 90 minutes. As the mother lies on her side, she will be supported with pillows. She will then be covered with sheets and only the part that is being massaged will be exposed.


Although massage is only a small treatment during pregnancy, our therapists will not massage pregnant ladies who are at the pregnancy period for less than 5 months. There are also some complications that can make prenatal massage dangerous. This is why it’s important that before going for this, you need to check with your doctor so that you are aware of what is taking place. if you regularly experience morning sickness, vomit a lot, or have high blood pressure it might not be ideal to undergo prenatal massage.

More so, if you are on your second half of the pregnancy, it’s not advisable to lie on the back during the massage. During this time, the uterus and the weight of the baby can reduce the circulation in the placenta leading to a lot of complications. The good news is that prenatal massage has become very popular because of the many benefits that often comes with it. Our prenatal massage session is including the supplying of portable massage bed that can make the experience comfortable and safe for the mother.

Contact us, or leave your message at our contact page if you have any enquiry. Check out our reasonable and affordable prenatal massage package and the massage session will be performed at your comfort home at your convenient time.


1 Session Massage60 mins90 mins
Without Massage Bed$78$98
With Massage Bed$108$128


6 Sessions Package60 mins90 mins
Without Massage Bed$408$528
With Massage Bed$588$708

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of massages can be conducted for pregnant women?

Relaxing Massage with light massage on the meridian line and point.

When can I start the prenatal massage?

First session must be minimum 16-week pregnancy but the best to start prenatal massage is 20-week. Our therapist will usually check the condition of the expectant mother and also check whether there is any health history and most important is to get advice from their gynaecologist to avoid any complication issue during the pregnancy period.

Does the therapist have to be specifically trained to do prenatal massage?

Yes, our therapists are all certified and trained to do prenatal massage. Therapist has to understand the baby’s position, the position of the blood circulation and the lymphatic system of the body.

Do I need to prepare anything prior to the appointment?

If you book the appointment without portable massage bed, you need to prepare a mattress, 2 large towels (suggested can cover the full body) and 2 small towels (the size of face towels is sufficient).

If you book the package with portable massage bed, you just need to sit back and relax. Nothing to be prepared as our therapist will bring all the equipments to your place.

I am a spa goer and like deep tissue massage. Can I have the deep tissue massage during my pregnancy?

It is advisable not to do it until you deliver your baby. It will be good to make your baby safe and we hope to have a pleasant experience together with you. Be patient!

How much is the additional charge of the transportation cost?

The price listed in our price list is all included the transportation cost unless you are staying at Sentosa Island. There will be an additional surcharge of $25 per trip.

I might not be able to finish the prenatal massage package. Can I get the refund?

We are apologised that no refund is allowed. You can consider to register for our post natal massage package and our customer service will advise you further.


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