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Why Choose Japanese Shiatsu Massage

Have you ever thought of Japanese Shiatsu massage? Nowadays, more-and-more people are very cautious about the kind of massage they choose. It’s true that a massage should help relax, reinvigorate and make a person feel calm. However, with so many techniques it becomes hard to make a good choice. Shiatsu is among the popular types of massage and appeals to both the young and old. It is a form of acupressure that originated in Japan and involves using finger pressure on the selected regions. Of late, there has been a resurgence of this traditional art of therapy massage due to the following reasons:

Restoring Balance and Harmony

Do you know that the constant headaches, migraines, mood swings, flu, muscular aches, body pains and other issues are symptoms of disharmony in your body? Started in Japan and relying on Chinese ancient medicines and therapy, Shiatsu massage seeks to restore the balance and harmony in the body. Applying light pressure on the Vital Points helps improve the energy patterns or meridians known as the Qi/Chi. This therapy helps to open-up the pathways and allows more energy to flow through making a person to feel as good as new. Shiatsu is fast becoming the desired form of therapeutic care and is being offered in spas, homes, offices and even outdoors.

Medicinal Healing

Shiatsu is a non-invasive therapeutic art that is performed while wearing very light garment and without any massage oil. It helps in treating different medical conditions that may be affecting the body, mind and soul. Acupressure also heals tense, taut or worn-out muscles and tissues, speeds-up the excretion of toxins and also improves circulation and metabolism. Being non-invasive, it works on people of all ages as well as different diseases. These include rheumatoid arthritis, chronic inflammation, menstrual cramps, migraines, insomnia, sinuses, pain in the back and much more.

Psychological Healing

The use of low contact pressure on specific body regions such as the back, shoulders and necks helps to heal psychological problems. The care is provided by a skilled therapists who applies the right pressure that improves the Chi, boosts blood circulation and also relaxes the body. After sometime, a person who was depressed, stressed, anxious, in bad mood or restless will experience peace and harmony. A new trend in this field is asking the therapist to come to your home rather than you visiting the massage shop/parlour. To book for service, a person simply goes online. This has contributed to the rising popularity of this healing technique.

The traditional Japanese Shiatsu therapy can last from 40 minutes up to one hour and it entails the use of a padded mat that is spread on a flat floor/surface. The amount of pressure applied varies from one person to another and also depends on the desired effects. The pressure may be light and gentle or high but there is no pain or discomfort. People nowadays are opting to receive the service right from their home or even office instead of visiting a shop. Luana Therapy in Singapore is among the revered firms and is renowned for quality, professional, timely service and ease of booking online. If you desire to improve your health, physique, emotions and psychology, you will find Japanese Shiatsu massage ideal.


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