This type of therapy is one of best approaches in addressing lymphedema symptoms. This can be carried out in a professional setting or merely at home. This is favored by many as it doesn’t require anything but only a little knowledge. This knowledge is directed to the lymphatic system and hands.

If you’re planning to try out for one, make sure to hire a professional and licensed therapist that specializes in this field. He or she is the one who has the ability of applying correct treatment in giving you a great relief and relaxation.

As compared to normal massage, lymphatic drainage massage is far more too different. This is specifically utilized in increasing lymph fluids flow in areas of the body. A therapist uses special technique to further prevent damage on the skin.

Apart from it, they apply a light pressure on the areas rather than a hard pressure of deep massage. Since this is entirely different from other forms of massage, make sure of taking an extra level of caution on it.

  • Against cellulite: This approach works best on the earlier stages. It should also be during the teenage years. Your cellulite will appear once the fat deposits in your feet compress your lymph vessel. Thus, it is even made more difficult to flow.

Once there is no fast and clear intervention, tissues that are already filled with toxins will even become harder. They will produce an orange skin. Prior to its initial stage of the cellulite, it’s easier to activate the flow of waste that is accumulated. And, this will definitely solve the issue. You will get satisfactory result in three months.

  • Heavy, Efematose and Swollen Feet: Your lymph flows from the limb periphery to the center. Once the path is interrupted, your lymph will even fall back because of the gravity. This continues to flood the tissues and causes it more of swelling. Lymphatic drainage massage can help your lymph to complete its route. You will observe that in less than 4 weeks, you problem is completely resolved.
  • PMS Syndrome and Pregnancy: This approach is very effective in PMS syndrome and Pregnancy being a preventive method. Since there are “hormonal changes” during pregnancy such as decrease in vein tonus, lymph vessels and liquid retention, you can start drainage during the 3rd month of your pregnancy. This can also be used to address the swelling several days before their menstruation.
  • Scars: If during the “scarring process” or “wound interstitial liquid”, it accumulates the formation of edema, hypertrophic scar is expected to be formed. Lymphatic drainage massage has its effect on your scar. This is because it has the ability to activate lymphocytes. These are often involved in the reconstruction of your body tissue.
  • Couperisis and Acne: If you have acne, this only means that your skin is already inflamed. This is often accompanied by retained liquids through your skin cells. The drainage and depurative effect of this approach help decrease the inflammations and edemas. When it comes to couperosis, this mainly occurs because of the peripheral circulation and alteration of the face such as the chin, the nose and the cheek. Drainage can fix your issue during the initial phase.